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Our Services

Strategic Community Engagement

We provide expert strategic advice for planning and delivering clear, straightforward and quick to mobilise engagement. We are committed to using a multi-channel engagement strategy that informs, consults, involves and collaborates to maximise the positive impact of your project.

Group Facilitation Services

We are experts in facilitating group sessions that bring together the unique aspirations, backgrounds and needs of stakeholders to develop successful solutions. We support your project through working closely with you to understand key issues, distil complex information and reassure stakeholders through our tailored facilitation sessions.

DA & SSDA Stakeholder Engagement

We are experienced in meeting stakeholder engagement requirements that apply to State Significant Development Applications (SSDAs). We understand the importance that planning bodies and decision makers place on stakeholder engagement and use our expertise to guide you through every stage of your DA or SSDA.

Insightful and Accessible Reporting

We are skilled in analysing and reporting on engagement outcomes in ways that can be readily accessed and understood by key decision makers. Our Engagement Outcomes Report provides a record of the comprehensive engagement process as well as a mechanism for harnessing support from decision makers and stakeholders.

Digital and Online Engagement

Our team embraces a range of both online and face-to-face engagement platforms and approaches that deliver accessible, innovative and meaningful engagement. Our team quickly adapts and innovates to ensure safe practice in the COVID-19 era and are well placed to work through and identify appropriate options to meet your needs.

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