Captivate Consulting


Darius Turner
Founding Director

Darius is an experienced and energetic consultant with a down to earth approach, specialising in facilitation, local government, strategic planning and communications on major projects.

Darius is known for building rapport with key stakeholders and delivering innovative and creative engagement. He holds a Master of Commerce from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) from the University of New South Wales

Joel Fredericks
Digital placemaking and engagement expert

Joel is an academic researcher, community engagement practitioner and urban planner. Joel’s academic research sits across urban planning, sustainable development, digital placemaking, media architecture, smart cities and immersive technologies.

Joel brings more than a decade of experience as a consultant on a range of community and infrastructure projects in local government, road, rail, water, telecommunications and energy sectors. He has facilitated national, state and local community engagement programs across a diverse range of stakeholders within Australia.

Harrisen Leckenby
Graduate Consultant

Harrisen is a graduate from the Australian National University with a bachelors degree in International Relations. Harrisen is currently completing postgraduate study through the University of New South Wales Masters of Journalism and Communications. He has a passion for creative communication, including marketing and journalism that he uses to connect with new audiences to facilitate interesting and exciting community engagement activities.

Prior to joining Captivate Consulting, Harrisen was worked student life in various roles at the Australian National University.

Emma Partis
Graduate Consultant

Emma is a current undergraduate at the University of New South Wales studying a Bachelor of Economics and Advanced Science in Psychology. Emma brings an eye for detail and a passion for creative and innovative marketing communications, as well as an emerging skill set in data analytics and statistics.

Alongside her work and studies, Emma volunteers as a reporter for Tharunka, UNSW’s student magazine. In this role, she has been able to develop  her investigative research skills, her written communication style, and an eye for interesting stories related to university life.

Olive Luckmann
Graduate Consultant

Olive is a graduate from the University of Sydney with a combined degree in Arts and Advanced Studies in International and Global Studies. Olive has a passion for public policy and meaningful stakeholder engagement that bridges the divide between government decision making and community interests.  

Prior to joining Captivate Consulting, Olive worked as a research intern at a project run by KPMG, Are Media and the Matilda Centre that aimed to explore the interrelations between social media and mental health. In this role, Olive developed critical skills in stakeholder management, agile communications and policy analysis.